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Almost 30 years ago, you was a geek when you owned a computer just for fun. Today you are a social noddy when you have only one computer. Today most of the households do have 4 to 5 computer, laptops, tablets at home.

Each computer do need a keyboard and a kind of mouse device, even tablets.

Luckily there is software to control all these computers with one keyboard and mouse. Some will cost you money and some are free. For years I was using Stardock Multiplicity, it did his job but that’s all.

After a search on the Internet I found “Mouse without Borders“. It is a Microsoft Garage Project, a side project of one of Microsoft employees. With this software you can control up to four computers and copy clipboard data between the computers.


Sadly for none-Windows users, it won’t work at your computer. So just buy a true compter and not a children’s toy.

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New developments with our travel site

Shortly after our first trip to Africa, this was in 2004 to Kenya and Tanzania, we started with a website. In those early days, the web name was not Delosgaia and we didn’t had a domain registration. The first site was simple, just some pictures with a short text and was more a test for us. At the end of 2004 we created our first pages under

In the next 12 years, we have changed a lot with our site and pictures:

  • Trying to follow the latest standards of web design and development
  • use of Brackets for building and maintaining the webpages
  • Started a weblog
  • Use of Google maps in our pages
  • Use of Garmin GPS to record our trips
  • better quality pictures of scanned photo negatives
  • use digital camera’s equipped for RAW photography
  • use of Photoshop to develop the RAW pictures

All our trips are now published with pictures and route and it is time for the next phase of our sites. In the next months, we are going to upgrade step-by-step. This upgrade is:

  • Improve use of Google maps to search for our trips by visitors
  • Improve speed and user experience for visitors using mobile devices
  • Improve user experience for everyone using non-mobile devices.

We will inform you on our weblog about the changes. Any comments on our weblog, twitter of Facebook is appreciated and welcome.

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A week to São Miguel, Azores


Last Friday we returned from a full week rest and recreation on the island of São Miguel. This island is the largest of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 1400 km west of Portugal.

All the islands of the Azores archipelago are of volcanic origin. São Miguel do have five distinct volcanic areas. They are from east-to-west, the extinct volcano Pico de Vara, the active calderas of Lagoa das Furnas and Lagoa do Fogo. The active volcanic chain of the low lying area between Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Granda and the dormant caldera of Sete Cidades with three lakes, Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde and Lagoa de Santiago. In this week we have shoot more than 1000 pictures including five panoramic ones, published below.

coast between Remédios and Bretanha

Coast between Remédios and Bretanha

Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde

Front: Lagoa Azul, back Lagoa Verde

Caldera of Furnas

Left in the back is the town of Funras and at the right Lagoa das Furnas

Caldera Furnas-2

Town of Furnas in front and Lagoa das Furnas in the back

Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde

Left is Lagoa Verder en right is Lagoa Azul. Colours, look at the colours of the lake.

More pictures and the story on our website is coming.

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Typische Limburg

In het volledig door gecultiveerde Nederland vind je soms nog leuke onverwachte plekjes. Het is dan wel niet de oorspronkelijke natuur maar zelfs gecultiveerd heeft het zijn aantrekkelijke kanten en dan op een plaats dat je niet zou verwachten.

Na afloop van een opdracht heeft Hans vanaf 1 April op kantoor gezeten. Tussen de middag gaat hij vaak wandelen en kwam net naast kantoor, onder de aanvliegroute van vliegveld Aken-Maastricht en naast de A2 een juweel tegen.

Het is het dorp Geverik en heeft zijn oude stijl weten te behouden met zijn Heren boerderijen en zijn hoogstam fruitbomen, zo typisch voor Limburg. Hier een paar foto’s ter aanvulling.

IMGL7487 copy


IMGL7489 copy

IMGL7490 copy

IMGL7492 copy


IMGL7493 copy

IMGL7494 copy


IMGL7497 copy


IMGL7500 copy

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