Mouse without Borders

Almost 30 years ago, you was a geek when you owned a computer just for fun. Today you are a social noddy when you have only one computer. Today most of the households do have 4 to 5 computer, laptops, tablets at home.

Each computer do need a keyboard and a kind of mouse device, even tablets.

Luckily there is software to control all these computers with one keyboard and mouse. Some will cost you money and some are free. For years I was using Stardock Multiplicity, it did his job but that’s all.

After a search on the Internet I found “Mouse without Borders“. It is a Microsoft Garage Project, a side project of one of Microsoft employees. With this software you can control up to four computers and copy clipboard data between the computers.


Sadly for none-Windows users, it won’t work at your computer. So just buy a true compter and not a children’s toy.

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