New developments with our travel site

Shortly after our first trip to Africa, this was in 2004 to Kenya and Tanzania, we started with a website. In those early days, the web name was not Delosgaia and we didn’t had a domain registration. The first site was simple, just some pictures with a short text and was more a test for us. At the end of 2004 we created our first pages under

In the next 12 years, we have changed a lot with our site and pictures:

  • Trying to follow the latest standards of web design and development
  • use of Brackets for building and maintaining the webpages
  • Started a weblog
  • Use of Google maps in our pages
  • Use of Garmin GPS to record our trips
  • better quality pictures of scanned photo negatives
  • use digital camera’s equipped for RAW photography
  • use of Photoshop to develop the RAW pictures

All our trips are now published with pictures and route and it is time for the next phase of our sites. In the next months, we are going to upgrade step-by-step. This upgrade is:

  • Improve use of Google maps to search for our trips by visitors
  • Improve speed and user experience for visitors using mobile devices
  • Improve user experience for everyone using non-mobile devices.

We will inform you on our weblog about the changes. Any comments on our weblog, twitter of Facebook is appreciated and welcome.

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